The Great Rising ~ From “Me Too” to “No Means No” ~ Again. Part 1.

Words matter. They’ve always mattered. But right now, in a world dominated by big existential issues, the use and misuse of language on social media, the internet, and all media platforms globally has never been so important. What we say to each other, what words we use to say it, and who else we sayContinue reading “The Great Rising ~ From “Me Too” to “No Means No” ~ Again. Part 1.”

Maternal Gift Giving and the Construction of Patriarchal Motherhood

This is by Mariam Irene Tazi-Preve, from her essay, “The Perversion of Maternal Gift Giving: Initiating the Matrilinear Motherhood NOW Movement,” published in The Maternal Roots of the Gift Economy, edited by Genevieve Vaughan, 2019. At the beginning of my research on motherhood—then a young mother in my twenties myself—I realized that there is somethingContinue reading “Maternal Gift Giving and the Construction of Patriarchal Motherhood”

The Trouble with “Gender Trouble”

“The category of sex belongs to a system of compulsory heterosexuality that clearly operates through a system of compulsory reproduction. . . . ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ exist only within the heterosexual matrix; indeed, they are the naturalized terms that keep that matrix concealed, and, hence, protected from a radical critique.” (Judith Butler, Gender Trouble, p.150).Continue reading “The Trouble with “Gender Trouble””

The Trouble with Judith Butler.

Here is a recent interview in the Guardian with Judith Butler, the doyenne of queer theory, “performative” gender theory, and liberal feminism – a label she would reject. Butler is immensely frustrating. She gets some things right and other things so horribly wrong. If you don’t want to read the whole thing, here isContinue reading “The Trouble with Judith Butler.”

The Last Well: Indigenous and Feminist Approaches to Environmental and Climate Change Issues (Part III)

In any attempt to understand Indigenous approaches to environmental issues, it is necessary to explore a very different world view from that of most environmentalists, including myself. It means letting go, for awhile at least, of one’s preconceptions about land, air, water, energy, technology, and civilization, and instead put one’s self into a world inContinue reading “The Last Well: Indigenous and Feminist Approaches to Environmental and Climate Change Issues (Part III)”

The Problem with Critical Theory

I spent some years as a feminist scholar navigating different “epistemologies” and critical thinking. I can certainly see how valuable it is to challenge existing male-centered paradigms that completely marginalize women and others who do not fit the dominant narrative – white, male, heterosexual, secular. This marginalization was and still is true of most ofContinue reading “The Problem with Critical Theory”


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